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Partnering for EmployAbility

Partnering to EmployAbility

Columbia College develops partnerships with job seekers, employers, and civil society organizations, to collaborate and create inclusive hiring opportunities and diverse workplaces. Inclusive employment has become increasingly important as employers struggle to fill a variety of roles in different industries. 

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Did you know?
Our team at Columbia College has been building relationships
with employers for over 25 years!

Who are our job seekers and why do they get help?

Our job seekers are persons with a diagnosed or undiagnosed disability. They come to us for help with Employment preparation including resume writing, interview skills and understanding the job market. We, in turn, help them by opening doors to businesses that are ready to hire someone with a disability.

A partnership is valuable.

Working together is what we do best. We are here to learn about employers hiring needs and find a solution that helps our job seekers find a sustainable work environment.

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career fairs

employer forums

disability awareness

Services for our partners:

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