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Are you motivated and ready to join the workforce?

Willing to embrace a positive attitude, learn new skills and grow as an employee?

Are you able to meet the demands of an employer and work on your own?

Job Seekers Anchor

We Provide Services for:


Persons with a diagnosed or undiagnosed disability.

PDD funded or unfunded persons welcome to apply.


Choosing PVC Pipes

For those who have experience or  minimal training and experience. 

Ages 14 +


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Looking for full time or part time work.

Have a great attitude to learn new skills!





There are 3 ways to get help finding work with Columbia College. Each offers a varied support model and options for your job search/employment journey.

What we can do for you

Employment Preparation

Employment Preparation assists the Individual and their staff to get to know one another, and for the Individual to develop skills and knowledge for the purpose of obtaining employment.

Services include a discovery process to better determine who the Individual is, what type of jobs they may be interested in, their ideal conditions of employment, and what they are capable of doing well.

Courses taught at Columbia College through Employment Directions/Services  includes prepare participants for the workforce and include:

  • personal development

  • computer basics

  • work related academics

  • job maintenance

  • job search

  • job safety

Individuals are assisted in securing and maintaining community based work experience placements where they gain exposure to a variety of potential employment opportunities, develop skills, work alongside others, refine their vocational interests, and market themselves to potential employers.

Employment Matching

Employment Placement assists Individuals with securing and maintaining paid employment. Service may include:

  • job analysis

  • job matching

  • job finding

  • job carving

  • on the-job support


These services are to assist the Individual in meeting employer expectations, and/or help build a work environment that supports the Individual.

Upon securing paid employment, CSSD staff will provide on-site follow-up support for the Individual and their employer to facilitate employment success.

Employment Sustainment

Employment Sustainment assists Individuals and their employers with minimal long-term support and advocacy to facilitate their long term employment success. Support is provided until no longer required.

Our Values and Principles

People with disabilities are individuals who have the same rights, entitlements, responsibilities, expectations and opportunities as every citizen of Canada and Alberta, as per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Alberta Human Rights Act.

We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We recognize these individuals as people first, defined by their own strengths, abilities and inherent value as a contributing member of the community, not by their disability.

We view each person from a positive perspective in recognizing and supporting the development of their talents, skills and abilities.

We perform our work with the highest levels of accountability, responsibility and integrity

We encourage each individual to use their talents, skills and abilities in providing leadership with their peers and within the community.

We promote the independence and protect the rights of each person through education, information sharing, and advocacy.

We actively involve each individual and where applicable their support team, including the individual’s guardians and family members, CSS-DIAD regional staff, service provider(s), support staff and other relevant stakeholders in the service planning process, decision making and implementation.

We provide person-centred services, designed and developed around the unique interests, abilities and support needs of each individual.

We facilitate community inclusion and diversity with a particular focus on creating, increasing, and/or sustaining the capacity of communities to welcome these individuals.

We advocate for the right of each person to make and change their decisions as they so desire, to have self-determination and control over their lives.

We are dedicated and committed to assisting each person to develop lifelong relationships within their communities through employment, volunteerism, social activities, arts, education, recreation, community association, and community resources.

Over 70% Employment rate for individuals who enter the Employment Program who secure competitive independent employment.

Once the three month probation is secured, individuals have experience
over 80% retention in their chosen field of work.

Employment Services are designed to accommodate the unique occupational interests of each student. As such, employment options are numerous. Previous graduates have secured employment in a variety of fields in a career path of their interest including but not limited to: childcare, automotive, pet care, janitorial, food services, office support, retail etc.

Admission Requirements

These programs are available to all persons with disabilities who are seeking employment. 


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