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Bruce Skorobohach
Director - Community Support Services Department

Bruce has a Bachelor of Social Work Degree, is a Registered Social Worker, and is a Certified Career Development Professional. He has had the privilege of working at Columbia College for 35 years as the Director of the Community Support Services Department, and in the field of Community Disability Services for 40 years. His passion is in leading teams that create connections to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities as valued, participating, and contributing members of the community.


Amanda Campbell
Service Coordinator

Amanda has been a part of the Columbia team for the past 18 years, working within Community Disability Services - Community Access Services, Residential Services, and Employment Services. With an educational background in Social Work, Amanda is passionate about working with community partners to create opportunities to improve the lives of the people we serve.

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Michael Campbell
Service Coordinator

Michael has been with Columbia College for over 30 years. Throughout his time with Columbia, Michael has worked as an Assistant Manager in Employment Strategies, an Academic Advisor in Academic Upgrading as well as held Department Manager positions in Student Services, Office Assistant and Human Services departments, among others. For the past number of years Michael been working as the Services Coordinator for CSSD – Employment Services.


Maureen Routley
Team Leader

Maureen has been with the Columbia team since May 2005. Maureen's education includes studies in Disability Services and Career and Academic Advising. With a professional background that spans 30 years providing residential services, community access, and employment services within the Disability Services sector. Maureen has a passion connecting individuals with diverse abilities to meaningful work in an inclusive environment.

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Nathan Lunn
Employment Specialist

Nathan has proudly been employed in the Human Service field for 10 years. During his career he has worked as a Community Access Support Worker, Residential Support Worker, Supportive Roomate, and Employment Services Job Coach. He currently is an Employment Specialist, and expresses to each of his students how imperative it is to have a positive attitude when searching for employment. Nathan believes mistakes ARE allowed- it is how we use those situations as teachable moments for growth that is important. In his free time you can catch him organizing events with friends, hiking, planning a itinerary for a future trip, and most importantly making his daughter smile.


Kennedy Dirkson
Employment Specialist

Kennedy is a graduate in community support and has 4 years of experience in the field. She started her career off at Columbia College working with the community access team, soon transitioning over to employment services. Kennedy is excited to help students find long term meaningful employment within their community.

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Rachel Odusanya
Employment Specialist/Admin

Rachel is an Inclusive Support Specialist. A graduate of Diploma in Disability Studies program with a great passion for providing connective human service support. As an Employment Specialist at Columbia Training Centre, matching students with roles that suits their skills, strengths, and interest is her priority. Haven provided various kinds of support in the disability sector for many years, she aspires to be a Social Worker that stirs up positive communal changes that benefits all people.


Munira Kausar
Employment Specialist/
Job Coach


Adebiyi (Bee) Ajayi
Employment Specialist

Adebiyi is a graduate of Columbia College Human Services Professional Diploma (HSPD) and he is currently working toward completing his degree in Counselling and Global Leadership at Rocky Mountain College.  With over a decade of building employers' networks, community resources, and the labor market, Adebiyi's passion and mission are to provide a guiding light to work experience, employment seekers, and career changers as they navigate the waters of an ever-changing world of work. By providing quality resumes, cover letters, job preparation, and interviews preparation that will best promote each student's skill set in such a manner that will make them stand out and command the recognition they deserve.

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Deborah Milia
Employment Specialist

Deborah has been with Columbia College for 18 years. She is an expert in the disabilities field with experience up to 25 years, in addition she has a nursing and social work background. She also loves to traveling and has lived in Spain as well as Argentina.


Erwin Bodoso
Employment Specialist

Originally from the Philippines, migrated to Bournemouth, England in 2004 and moved to Calgary last 2013. Erwin Joined Community Social Services Department-Columbia Training Center as a Community Support Worker last August 2013. After a few months he moved to Employment Services as a Job Coach and now enjoys the role of Employment Specialist. Erwin has a Bachelors in Human Behavior Technology from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Furthermore, he Completed a Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce at The City and Guilds of London Institute.

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Yazmina El-Lahib
Employment Specialist

Yazmina's vision in her workplace is to find meaningful employment for those she supports. She believes there is a job for every person, it just takes finding the perfect fit. She also loves being able to advocate and promote equal rights at work.

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Frannie Lee-Carrie
Job Coach

Fannie has worked in the Employment Service Department for the last 10 years. Her role is to support and educate our students by teaching them essential working skills. She is a dedicated individual who is determined to see our students succeed in life and their career goals.

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Leslie Macaulay
Job Coach

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