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Our Story

The Community Support Services Department provides Community Access and Employment Programs for adults with developmental disabilities to facilitate their inclusion in the community as valued, participating and contributing members.


Committed to assisting individuals with diverse abilities to achieve career and life goals that are personally satisfying and rewarding.


Inspiring personal growth and community inclusion.

Values and Principles

People with disabilities are individuals who have the same rights, entitlements, responsibilities, expectations and opportunities as every citizen of Canada and Alberta, as per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Alberta Human Rights Act.

We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We recognize these individuals as people first, defined by their own strengths, abilities and inherent value as a contributing member of the community, not by their disability.

We view each person from a positive perspective in recognizing and supporting the development of their talents, skills and abilities.

We perform our work with the highest levels of accountability, responsibility and integrity

We encourage each individual to use their talents, skills and abilities in providing leadership with their peers and within the community.

We promote the independence and protect the rights of each person through education, information sharing, and advocacy.

We provide person-centred services, designed and developed around the unique interests, abilities and support needs of each individual.

We support each person and where applicable their support team, including their guardians and family members to make informed choices, especially in situations that may involve risk.

We actively involve each individual and where applicable their support team, including the individual’s guardians and family members, CSS-DIAD regional staff, service provider(s), support staff and other relevant stakeholders in the service planning process, decision making and implementation.

We advocate for the right of each person to make and change their decisions as they so desire, to have self-determination and control over their lives.

We are dedicated and committed to assisting each person to develop lifelong relationships within their communities through employment, volunteerism, social activities, arts, education, recreation, community association, and community resources.

We facilitate community inclusion and diversity with a particular focus on creating, increasing, and/or sustaining the capacity of communities to welcome these individuals.

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